Our Table Dogs offer a precise means to align timber at 90 or 45 degrees, using a 20mm hole pattern commonly available in wood working benches.

2 x Table Dogs

$ 30 AUD

Entry pack to get you started... but you'll soon want more...

Includes FREE shipping in Australia

6 x Table Dogs

$ 70 AUD

Enough Dogs for basic cutting / clamping

Includes FREE shipping in Australia

10 x Table Dogs

$ 100 AUD

A must for complex clamping and/or cutting. I keep 10 on my bench!

Includes FREE shipping in Australia

Aligning the MFT guide rail

You can use the Table Dogs to align your cutting rail at a perfect 90 degrees in SECONDS. This YouTube clip shows you how

Cross cutting at 90 degrees

Our Table Dogs provide a perfect fence to set your timber up against to cut at 90 degrees

Cutting at 45 degrees

Use your Table Dogs to create a fence for perfect, repeatable 45 degree cuts


Clamp your timber against the Table Dogs, allowing glue to set or so you can sand / plane

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